Saturday, March 31, 2012


Noon Position: 42 47' S, 69 54' E, SOG 5.4, COG 080, Day's Run 144nm.
Well, the Indian has claimed a bit of electronic tribute - solar panel
to the pacific, radar reflector to the Indian. The cable snapped before
things calmed down enough for me to get aloft, so now I've got one arm
of the mounting bracket sticking out of the side of the mast like an
anti-albatross spike, trailing a bit of wiring. Worthless piece of
junky sheetmetal. On the domestic front, my battles with the stove have
shifted into a new front. I managed to solve the problem of the stove
unscrewing itself from the gimbals with judicious use of the last of my
loctite, and thankfully I've been greeted by no more late night crashes
as the stove plummets to the earth. Instead, the bracket that attaches
the gimbal to the cabinetry has been slowly unscrewing itself every few
days, dropping the bolts which hold it in amongst the tea kettle and
sponges below the stove. This at least is a less irritiating hobby,
since A) it's quiet, no horrid squawlings, and B) there are three bolts
holding the bracket, and the stove only seems to be able to back the nut
off of one bolt at a time, giving me fair warning to put it all back
together again. I feel like there's a bit of a repetitive theme on this
trip of nice equipment being undermined by inadequate, junky mounting


  1. Hope you have a spare radar reflector? You
    must feel each day more and more like an
    "old-time sailor" -- those who didn't have
    the luxury of electronics.
    Stay safe, Eric.

  2. I think your repetitive theme idea is right on. Crazy how no one seems to be able to put quality hardware on a quality/necessary product. Hope the days ahead will be good to you in all ways possible!