Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Loss At Sea

Nearly four years after I left on this journey, I've finally finished writing about it - Loss at Sea, the book version of my circumnavigation, is done.  It's based on this blog, but is much improved and corrected, for those who are obsessive about details - things like punctuation and grammar, but also some funky mileages, dates, etc, and there's a lot of new writing and editing that makes (I think) the story work much better than just reading it.  It's been tough getting it done - version 1 of the book, basically a printed version of the blog, was put together in 2012 after I got back, and I've been hacking away at it ever since.  It's hard with my new job as well - about 6 months after I got back, Shanley and i started working for Pangaea Explorations running a 72' steel expedition yacht, and it's been pretty full on all the time - when we have down time I just want my mind to melt and relax, think of anything but boats, not be writing.  Finally though, I finished it with MUCH copy editing and  support from my mother.  This will probably be the last blog post on this blog, but I'll try to keep it online - perhaps at some point Shanley and I will start  new blog detailing what we're doing with our new boat, Fleur Australe, which we are now sailing in our spare time from Sea Dragon.  Now though, we prefer to keep that as much of an off-line experience as possible - I find that too much connectivity tends to distract and detract from the enjoyment of a thing, and with the amount of internet usage that our job on Sea Dragon requires, Fleur Australe is our home and escape from all of that.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy of Loss at Sea, it's available currently on as a kindle ebook - this summer I may convert it to other formats and have it available through other stores as well or do a third print run if there's enough interest.

Fair Winds & Following Seas,