Sunday, March 11, 2012


Noon Position: 44 56' S, 10 01' E, COG 100, SOG 6.3, Day's Run 145nm.
The last twenty four hours has been lumpy and wet - the northerly that
pushed us so fast yesterday built, and with it the seas, so it was a fun
night of playing submarine at 7 kts, going through more waves than over
them. Finally this morning I've had to bear off a bit just to make my
life more comfortable and we're down to staysail and 1/3 of the jib. I
wish that I had an intermediate headsail - about twice the size of the
staysail, 1/2 the size of the jib, either setting on the staysail stay
or on a solent stay. It would let me abuse the jib a lot less, since
the staysail is a bit too small, the jib too big. I lunched today on
something that might be charitably mistaken for a risotto, but was, in
fact, an attempt at making fried rice. Having never successfully
duplicated this delicious dish in kitchens ashore, I foolhardily
attempted it in a galley afloat, with disappointing results. Edible,
even mildly tasty, but certainly not fried rice.

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  1. Hi Eric:
    We have never met but we have folks in common. I am Bruce Dawe; Michael's brother and Kayleigh's uncle logically. Hope this gives you some perspective on the Dawe family. Understand that you have known Kayleigh a long while. A good many of our Newfoundland Dawe ancestors were master mariners under sail and their wish for safe passage might have read: "Long may your big jib draw!"

    Thanks for posting this Blog.

    Really admire your courage!

    Sending all my hope for a safe and successful journey.

    Bruce Dawe