Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Noon Position: 43 39' S, 36 28' E, SOG 6, COG 080, Day's Run 150nm. A
fast night of running before Force 7 from the SW, with a building
swell. The seas are big today, but ponderous - Every few minutes a big
SW swell comes breaking through, curling over and flopping into a tumult
of foam 5 or 6 feet high. The big breakers today are oddly large, yet
peaceful - they look impressive as hell, but aren't moving very fast, so
just sort of tumble into themselves, sometimes breaking for a good 50 or
60 feet before dying out. One came through the cockpit this morning, a
loud thud, green through the windows, foam everywhere, but we just
gently heeled a bit, no more than 40 degrees, then shook it off and kept
going. Squalls have been rolling through all morning, bringing a brief
surge of wind and rain, before passing by. A really nasty (at least as
of yesterday at noon) looking system just passed to the north of us and
blew up just east, so from being becalmed two nights ago as it wiggled
it's way past, now we're feeling the tail end of an actual gale,
maintaining the wind strength here as it gets stronger and further away.

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