Thursday, March 15, 2012


Noon Position: 43 53' S, 23 03' E, SOG 4, COG 070, Day's Run 162nm,
Week's Run 1038nm. Some numbers on leaving the Atlantic:
Miles Sailed Since Valparaiso: 5942
Average Day's Run: 121
Average Speed Sailed: 5.05
Straight Line Distance Covered Since Valparaiso: 5448
VMG since Valparaiso: 4.6
Miles Sailed in Atlantic: 3716
Average Day's Run: 132
Average Speed Sailed: 5.5
Straight Line Distance in Atlantic: 3561
VMG in Atlantic: 5.3
Miles to the Longitude of Cape Leeuwin: 4027


  1. Ever onward, ever eastward!!! Go, Eric, Go!!! We love you!

  2. Those numbers are most impressive! Everyone who hears about your journey is fascinated and awed (and duly so I might add). You have more people following your progress than you can imagine. Thoughts and prayers with you Eric.