Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Noon Position: 44 24' S, 15 51' E, SOG 4.0, COG 090, Day's Run 118nm.
The Race is On! Odyssey is now just a little bit ahead of Joshua on the
same date during Moitessier's second lap of the long way. Joshua
rounded Cape Horn 9 days before Odyssey, but because we've stayed so far
south and avoided the calms that Moitessier ran into further north,
we've made up the difference. Now it's a drag race to Australia! I'm
not exceedingly optimistic, since from here on out I'll be sailing in
similar latitudes, and Joshua was a noticeably faster boat, both because
of his length and because Moitessier sailed the boat damn fast. I've
got something to compare against now though, and I should get a little
boost in the next few days by not messing around going into Cape Town.

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  1. It's fun watching those Longitude numbers rise!
    Stay safe.