Friday, May 25, 2012


Noon Position:  38 31' S, 148 14' W, SOG 5, COG 065, Day's Run 135nm.  My Kindle, which has been warning me for the past few months that it's battery was slowly dying and that I really should go out and buy another Kindle or two from Amazon, finally decided today that it had had enough of my malingering and kicked the bucket.  When I turned it on this morning, the portrait of Virginia Woolf vanished from all but the top right quarter of the screen, where it merely faded and blurred, leaving me with a reading device that only lets me read the first half of the lines on the top half of the page.  On the plus side, I got the engine running today without much fuss, a prospect that I was a bit nervous about given the fairly shoddy state of my batteries and the number of weeks since I last turned it over.

1 comment:

  1. Well Eric, hopefully you won't get so frustrated you throw
    the Kindle overboard; we wouldn't want poor Virginia Woolf to
    drown a second time (sorry, don't mean to be offensive, just
    couldn't resist...)
    Stay safe!