Monday, May 14, 2012

5/13/12 (again!)

Noon Position: 46 21' S, 179 12' W, SOG 5.9, COG 085, Day's Run 115nm.
We're back into West longitude again, having crossed the international
date line early this morning. (well, crossed 180 longitude - the
international date line does a funny jag to the west in these parts to
let Chatham Island, part of New Zealand, have the same date as the
kiwis) This means, of course, that I get to repeat Sunday all over
again, or at least Sunday from about 5am onwards.
This morning I awoke just before sunrise and lay in the warm, dry
confines of my bunk feeling the motion of the boat through the waves,
listening to the sails and the wind. "Alright," I decided, "We're a
little overpowered - I'll go put in a reef before making myself hot tea
and oatmeal, then climb back under my blanket to eat it." Thus
reassured with the promise of both warm toes and warm innards, I
proceeded on my morning routine - pulling fleece on over my long
underwear, pulling on my foul weather pants over everything, then boots,
then harness.
Thankfully not! Actually got up to shake a reef instead of put one
in, and we've got pleasantly smooth weather. I tried straightening the
boom this morning since it seems to be getting more banana shaped - I
think I reduced the curve a little bit, but it's still pointing more
towards the south pole than is really proper for a spar of its stature.


  1. Oh, my! Shades of Ground Hog Day! Bill Murray where are YOU? The good news for your mum...I got to have two Mother's Days phone calls with you, Eric. So glad to have you back on our side of the world.

  2. What would happen if you turned around and sailed back and forth, and
    back and forth? Would you, as Merlin would say, "Youthen?"