Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Noon Position: 44 51' S, 151 35' E, SOG 4, COG 085, Day's Run 150nm.
Today is the first genuinely dry, sunny, light air day we've had for
quite some time, so Odyssey once again looks like the ship of the dread
laundry pirate Robers, come to sweep the ocean of all dish towels and
sheets that he can plunder. The smooth ride this morning also helped me
in continuing to accomplish one of my most important goals of this trip,
namely, to be able to crack an egg one handed without shedding shattered
shells into the bowl. It's a good thing I'm starting to get the hang of
it, since my opportunities for practice are swiftly diminishing - as of
the end of breakfast, I only have two eggs left, both of which shall be
one-handedly cracked to make a splendid bacon and cheddar omelet in the
next few days. (As an aside, my omelet-ing skills are almost superb -
not quite up to Julia Child's ease and mastery, but close - the only
time I use a utensil is to beat the eggs and then to eat the omelet)
Having bragged a bit, I'm sure my next omelet will now turn out to be
full of shells from poor one-handed cracking, and I'll be scraping it
off some inappropriate surface of the boat with a spatula.
Unfortunately that seems to be the way that cooking afloat likes to work.

1 comment:

  1. So there you have it, Eric, your life's work could be a chef! Imagine, if you had the early shift, how many eggs you could break in one morning!
    Enjoy the omelette.