Sunday, February 26, 2012


Noon Position: 48 49' S, 30 11' W, SOG 5.5, COG 090, Day's Run 149nm.
This morning's entertainment has been a pleasing mixture of 20kts of
wind with scattered clouds and hourly 40kt squalls, the contents of
which would euphemistically described in New England as "wintry mix."
Here in the South Atlantic, I prefer to just call it snow... followed by
very cold rain... followed by snow. I've been up and down all morning,
furling and unfurling the jib, trying to catch a bit of rainwater
(snow-water?). This valiant effort on my behalf over the last 6 hours
has yielded me a grand total of one mug of tea's worth of liquid -
melted snow greatly diminishes in volume. On the other hand, we had a
fast night of bean reaching in 20-30kts of wind, which let us pull of
the best day's run since Valparaiso. Of course, the 6 foot beam seas we
were reaching in were full of all sorts of joy, not the least of which
was throwing me across the cabin while I was cooking dinner, leaving me
with a nice bruise on my arm, and, inexplicably, bits and pieces of
corned beef and potato all over the wall near my imapct zone.
Inexplicable because both the pan and the fork I was stirring with
remained on the stove, and we certainly didn't roll far enough for
anything other than me to get launched that far. Odd...

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