Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Noon Position: 55 45' S, 66 09' W, SOG 8, COG 050, Day's Run 145nm.
Those of you who are particularly cunning, or at least possessed of mad
Google Earth skillz, may notice something interesting about today's
position information. I awoke this morning to a wave breaking over the
boat, and popped my head on deck to discover the wind had shifted to the
SW and Odyssey was pointed straight at Cape Horn, about 5 miles off.
Two minutes later my alarm clock went off. I listened to Beethoven's
9th symphony as the dawn slowly broke over the lonely peak of the horn,
and raised a silent toast. I stayed in the hutch, clutching my drink,
ignoring the bitter cold that bit at my ears and fingers until the sun
finally lit Cabo de Hornos before going back below to warm up over the
stove. That moment was what the trip up to now has been all about -
focused on reaching the Horn, rounding the Horn, seeing the Horn,
feeling the Horn. Now I sail Northeast and east for thousands of miles
and months, with no sight of land, no immediate goal, just me and the sea.


  1. Congratulations, Eric! You can now call yourself a Cape Horner. What an extraordinary achievement!

    1. You must be very proud, Katie. You are
      also brave; sending Eric off on this trip must
      have been bittersweet?

  2. Congratulations Eric; what an accomplishment.
    You say you'll sail northeast then east -- are you going
    through the Mediterranean? We'd love an "itinerary."
    Good choice re: music -- I hope it was loud enough
    for the birds on shore to hear! JOY!