Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Noon Position: 38 41' S, 077 52' W, SOG 5.3, COG 140, day's run 86nm.
Today, I learned from the newspaper wrapping a tomato that on Halloween,
Anthony Weiner played a hockey game with his team and that his uniform
is #1. An avocado informed me that the number of geriatricians is
shrinking in relation to the number of geriatrics, and I learned from a
lime that a deadly fungus, Ceratocystis platani, is killing European
trees. Also, I have discovered that my fuzzy slippers from target are
most excellent.


  1. So much knowledge acquired in just one day. The possibilities over the next months are endless! Thanks for making me laugh out loud. Take care Eric.

  2. An excellent sailor and comedian. What will be next?