Sunday, February 12, 2012


Noon Position: 55 17' S, 74 09' W, SOG 4.5, COG 120, Day's Run 128nm.
I've spent hours today watching the sea, hanging on by my fingertips at
the chart table as Odyssey rolls her way down 10 foot breaking waves. I
watched the progression of weather pass over, spots of sunlight amidst
thick layers of clouds, with a scattering of ominous dark squalls just
to mix things up. I watched as the seas built from gentle, playful
tumblings, gurgling their way around the globe, into vertiginous, slab
sided rollers, toppling over into brilliant blue froth as they spill
forward. I've listened as the noise of the boat grew, the normal creaks
and groans getting louder and more frequent, waves began hissing
alongside, the wind grew from an inaudible whisper to a hooting groan.
I've felt my toes grow steadily icier, despite all that two layers of
gore-tex and wool could do, each time I ventured on deck. Also, I
almost lost my tea because the damn stove fell off again while I was
boiling water.

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  1. Poetic! You're getting closer and closer. Eric, we're off on a Mariner cruise this weekend on Spirit of Dana Point. We'll all be thinking of you. Stay safe and try to stay warm.