Monday, June 25, 2012


Noon Position: 4 12 N, 118 51' W, SOG 5.5, COG 020, Day's Run 130nm.
For the last two nights dolphins have visited me at sunset, terrifying
passing flying fish into frenetic flight. As darkness falls they take
up station on the bow, playing and surfing and surging, trailing glowing
and sparkling wakes, occasionally setting off great green flashes that
outline a nose or fin. I suspect that these sparkling creatures which
visit in the Twilight may be vampire dolphins, but that certainly does
not detract from the warmth of their welcome back into the northern
hemisphere. I'm onto my last large chart of the trip, covering the
whole west coast, much abused from the trip out. Fortunately none of
the tears and stains impinge on the route from here to Los Angeles.


  1. Eric, the dolphins are your "welcome wagon" committee. Stay safe.

  2. A warm welcome to the Northern Hemisphere indeed. Hope the last leg is all you want and need it to be.