Sunday, June 17, 2012


Noon Position: 12 10' S, 122 13' W, SOG 5.7, COG 010, Day's Run 105nm.
I have apparently managed to happen upon the 7.5% chance (according to
my pilot charts) in which the wind in this region is North of East.
Still slugging it out upwind, although today it's finally veered to EXN
and built to 20 kts - great wind for going the other direction. This is
what I get for hoping for 1000 mile weeks in the trades, I guess. Now
that I'm out of the south, I'm pretending to be a purist - I stopped
downloading weather files somewhere in the vicinity of 30S, and for the
last few days I've been taking advantage of the relatively smooth
conditions to turn off the GPS and work on my celestial navigation.
This, of course, will cease shortly after crossing the equator as I play
the always fun game of "don't get hit by a Hurricane." I've got a pot
of a fish & lentil stew going on the stove right now - the chunks of
dried wahoo that I threw in have withstood an hour of pressure cooking
and about 36 hours of soaking with no noticeable reduction in
toughness. The dried fish is pretty bland, but is a decent way to save
the extra.


  1. Ahh..the hurricanes. Stay safe, Eric.

  2. How many miles away are the effects of a tropical depression or hurricane "felt" on the water? I've been watching Hurricane Hunters on the Weather Channel - and they documented a hurricane that hit Manzanillo, Mexico. There is some development off that part of Mexico again. Please take extra care to avoid - we know you will.