Monday, June 18, 2012


Noon Position: 10 20' S, 122 W, SOG 5.5, COG 010, Day's Run 110nm.
It's hard to do much of anything in the mid-day tropical heat,
particularly in the sweaty cave of the cabin, closed up against the
waves, where I am confined by the sun, but I managed to work up the
energy to soundly curse the weather, the ocean, and the trade winds upon
discovering that we had only managed a pathetic 110nm today - the wind
has been sitting at a pretty steady 25-30 kts from the EXN, which led to
a rough night even with the pathetic speeds we managed. It's pretty sad
that since getting to the trades, I've only managed to average over 5
kts twice.
For those of you who are interested, I've discovered that I can still
read, after a fashion on one of my kindles, since only a quarter of the
screen is missing. I start the page upside down, read the top half,
then flip the screen and the kindle over and read the bottom half before
flipping back for the next page. It's a pretty miserable way of
reading, breaking up the flow of the book pretty badly, especially since
I have to read half of the middle line on one flip and the other half on
the second flip, and after reading about 30 pages I gave up on it for
now - I was starting on Reamde, which I wanted to enjoy, and the
flipping just kind of killed it for me. If I get desperate I may go
back and try again, but for now I still have 2 real books that I haven't
read, and I've re-read a number that I read the last time I was in the

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