Thursday, April 5, 2012


Noon Position: 42 14' S, 81 54' E, SOG 5.5, COG 095, Day's Run 140nm,
Week's Run 865nm. The decent mileage for this week is a testament to
the excellent conditions at the beginning of the week, not the miserable
stuff of the last few days. I didn't realize focus on it yesterday, but
as of yesterday I have now been at sea longer than I ever have before.
The first leg of this trip seems shorter in my memory than this leg,
and, I guess it was by a day or two now, but I think that the thought of
how much I still have left to go makes this piece seem longer. I
tackled the V-berth today - bleaching all the mold and mildew, cleaning
out shreds of soggy newspaper and onion skins. I've now consolidated
all my remaining fruits and veggies into the main cabin, so I no longer
have to worry about the banana hammocks in the v-berth chafing and
mildewing the onions and citrus. Now, of course, I just need to keep
the infernal aft starboard lower chainplate from gushing water onto
them. I've tried re-bedding the thing about 4 times so far this trip
with no luck - I'm not really sure what more to do, other than wait for
a nice warm day and try again. The same chainplate on the portside used
to leak, but was fixed by re-bedding only once after it killed the
stereo. The two types of sweet potatoes I got in California are, I
think, some sort of mutant super-root vegetables. going through them
today I discovered that the chainplate had (of course) gotten the bottom
layer of potatoes soggy, but they seemed no worse for wear, 4 months
after purchase, at least 2 months of those spent in a bit of a puddle.
Maybe they're not actually potatoes at all, but some sort of dormant
alien life form, just waiting for the right signal from the mothership
to emerge from hibernation and take over the world!

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  1. Eric, Perhaps the sweet potatoes are genetically manipulated? Maybe they'll last as long as Twinkies!
    Stay safe and dry.