Sunday, April 22, 2012


Noon Position: 42 16' S, 127 45' E, SOG 5.8, COG 080, Day's Run 130nm.
A very uncomfortable night last night - lots of heavy squalls, nasty
choppy waves, sailing on a beam reach with the rail under under triple
reefed main and staysail - taking a beating. After such
unpleasantness, I discovered this morning that a breakfast of bacon and
fruitcake fried in bacon grease, while exceedingly delicious, is not
perhaps the kindest of meals for the digestive tract. Tasmania is now
within striking distance, some 800 or so miles ahead. It's starting to
get colder again, as the oncoming winter and my increasing latitude
combine, and the olive oil is starting to cloud up - still liquid, but
on its way to the solid mass that I enjoyed for much of the South
Atlantic. I need to get down to at least 44S for Tasmania and 47S for
New Zealand, so I'm trying desperately to dry out my boots and slippers
when I can before I am obliged to re-don footwear.

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