Monday, January 9, 2012


Noon Position: 32 43' S, 072 30' W, SOG 4, COG 115 T, days run 100nm,
week's run 628nm. Noon today finds Odyssey creeping across a smoothly
undulating sea towards Valparaiso, still 54nm ahead. I've been giving
my light air sails a serious workout the last few days - I've only had
the jib up for probably 6 hours out of the last 3 days. The
weather,while light, is a whole lot better than the week before, when I
had no wind. I've been impressed with how well the boat sails in this
light stuff - as long as there's a hint of wind she'll keep moving. I
was hoping to be into dock before dark (9pm or so) tonight, but unless
something surprising happens that's not going to happen. I really only
need about 3 knots more wind to make it in tonight, but we'll see what
happens. As I get back towards shore, after something like 10 weeks at
sea, I have mixed feelings. I'm excited to be able to sleep without
worrying about squalls and get the boat sorted out, especially after
slogging along in the variables for the last 2000 miles. Still, theres
a bit of reluctance, too - reluctance to re-associate with people, be
pushed back into the world of cars and bars and crowds. I realized
during a phone call with my parents yesterday that I was even reluctant
to talk to them, as if I was trying to savor my last few minutes of
solitude. An interesting change from the beginning of this passage. On
the other hand, I can't wait to have a hot shower with fresh water, and
to take the first beautiful woman that I meet out for a nice meal,
complete with fresh meat (not from a can!) and a luscious salad replete
with all the green vegetables I can pile on it. There are two sides to
everything, I guess.

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  1. Nothing like fresh vegetables and beautiful women! Best wishes, Eric.