Monday, January 2, 2012


Noon Position: 33 24' S 084 05' W, SOG 3, COG 050, Day's Run 60nm,
Week's run 495nm. I think all my complaining on yesterday's blog has
paid off - the breeze is back! Last night around 6PM I started getting
fitful puffs of southerly wind. One moment I'd be rolling along at 4 or
5 kts, sailing due east, then 2 minutes later the sails were flogging as
the boat coasted to a halt in the suddenly still air. All night the
puffs slowly got longer, and the lulls shorter, until this morning I
awoke to real wind! Now this afternoon I'm sailing 080 and doing 4.5 to
5 kts, as the breeze continues to go further south. I anticipate it
building now as I approach Chile, so hopefully I'll be able to cover the
next 650 miles more quickly than the last 650. I'll be passing North of
Robinson Crusoe Island, where Alexander Selkirk was marooned in the real
life inspiration for the story of Robinson Crusoe, Tuesday night or
Wednesday morning, all else being equal.