Thursday, January 26, 2012


1923 Local, 2323 UTC Position: 32 52' S 72 02' W, COG 250, SOG 5kts.
I got off the dock around 10:30 this morning, after much fussing and
chasing about to finally convince the marina manager that I should, in
fact, be allowed to pay him (but only cash, apparently). Right now the
wind is pretty aggressively SW, so I'm sailing more west than South,
just to get offshore and away from traffic for the night. I thought
that leaving again this time would be easier, but it wasn't - in some
ways it was harder. I delayed from leaving yesterday afternoon until
this morning, ostensibly to deal with a few last minute boat things, but
in reality I probably could have left 4 days ago - I was really just
delaying. The last two weeks in Higuerillas have been golden, now I'm
back to sailing upwind, getting wet, and feeling sorry for myself. I
know that this will of course go away in a few days, but it changes
little at the moment. Shore was both kind and unkind to me - while I am
mentally in a mostly good place, I'm phyisically in worse shape -
snuffles and allergies from being on land again finally developed into
what I suspect is going to be a lingering cold, leaving me stuffed up
and unable to breathe, my nose is sunburned from an afternoon's
indiscretion, and two days ago I stubbed the living daylights out of the
same toe that I split back in LA in November - the 4th toe of my left
foot apparently is a harbinger of sailing. I lanced the nasty blood
blister that manifested itself and that seems to have relieved the
pressure, I can now walk and get into a sleeping bag without wincing in
pain. Just one last parting gift from shore, I suppose.

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